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patch testing salon services 

Good to know -
good to glo training programme
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Our good to glo™ hero, founder Ruth, realised that despite being an industry of passionate, driven folks, there’s little in depth training happening to ensure we’re all clued up on allergens, chemicals and overall safety. The good to glo™, good to know idea was born - accredited training that covers all the bases and helps beauty stars to shine. 


good to glo™ training is written by our in-house scientist, Dr Mike Stephenson PHD (Chemistry) of the University of Cambridge, and designed to be delivered in a simple to use, quick to complete format that is relatable, user friendly and available to all beauty professionals in the UK. 


Give your clients added confidence and become a #glopro today!

Each module comes complete with a video and voice over (sadly we couldn’t get Tom Hardy) which covers all topics in detail, and is partnered with a multiple-choice test designed to build both knowledge and confidence - simple!

  • Module 1: How to stay compliant and protect the health of your staff and your clients

  • Module 2: Structure of the hair and skin 

  • Module 3: Hazardous chemicals and allergic reactions

  • Module 4: Safe usage of hair dyes and tint products

  • Module 5: Safe eye treatments

  • Module 6: Safe hair treatments

Training programme breakdown
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