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Patch testing.. why bother?

We all love a good before and after, that feeling when your client is glowing, they feel great and you’re proud as punch of what you’ve been able to do for them… but without patch testing you can get a very different kind of before and after, and not the good kind. Patch testing is never going to give you that buzz that doing the real job does, but it’s a vital part of the beautification process, ensuring you’re complying with manufacturers’ guidance and avoiding potentially serious allergic reactions. Boring to do for you and the client? Yes? Essential to ensure you’re safe, compliant and covered by insurance? Absolutely.


Without this, you could find yourself in a costly legal bind that even Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde couldn’t bend and snap you out of. Your insurance may be invalid if you haven’t followed those pesky rules, so what can we do to help?


What if we told you that with good to glo™, you could tick every science and compliance box in a few simple steps and then get back to doing what you do best? Training and data management via a secure portal and a handy app that allows your clients to know their patch test status at the touch of a button - cool hey?

We’ve created a software solution that will blow your mind - it’s perfection if we do say so ourselves and a bloomin’ big time and worry saver too. It takes every usually boring step of recording and auditing patch test and strand test information and makes it as easy as posting a new profile pic - exactly what your newly beautified clients will be clamouring to do when you’re finished with them! 


Our perfect portal and client app legally stores all of the necessary testing information, covering you and your clients and making sure it’s always easy to see where you’re at and what needs a new patch test - et voila - you’re up to date. 


Better than that, we also offer scientifically backed information and training at the click of a button. Our support and knowledge allows you to stop worrying about legal and compliance regulations, so you can focus on making your client look absolutely amazing. We’re here to make you look good!

Patch testing software designed
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