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Where there is a blame there is a claim.

Why should we patch test?

As a beauty professional conducting a patch test protects your reputation and your business. There are lots of pressures to skip the patch test and get on with the treatment. If you skip a required patch test and a claim is made against you, even a weak claim, your insurer will not be able to defend you leaving you out of pocket. When conducting a patch test ensure you keep accurate and detailed records including the date of the test and the product used. This is becoming increasingly important as compensation claims against beauty salons continue to climb.

Download our online compliance tool/app which takes the guesswork out of patch testing. Our software solution to patch testing makes recording and auditing patch test and strand test information as easy as posting a new profile pic.

Still unsure of the chemicals you are using every day in your sector? Our training is written by our in-house scientist, Dr Mike Stephenson PHD (Chemistry) of the University of Cambridge and available to all beauty professionals. Modules include:

Module 1: How to stay compliant and protect the health of your staff and your customers

Module 2: Structure of the Hair & Skin

Module 3: Hazardous Chemicals and Allergic Reactions (mandatory module)

Module 4: Safe usage of hair dyes and tint products

Module 5: Safe eye treatments

Module 6: Safe hair treatments


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