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The Disasters of Not Patch Testing: What Can Happen When You Don’t Follow Procedures

Millie Bucknall warns about the dangers of not having a patch test after booking in to get her brows laminated she snapped pictures as she developed a brutal allergic reaction for 8 days ( Right after the treatment her brows were perfectly arched but as the week went on they became red, crusty and her face began to swell up. By day eight one of her eyes is permanently closed and she can only open the other one a sliver. She ended up in hospital for treatment as she urged women to always get a patch test and ensure the beautician was qualified.

Reactions like these can also happen with hair dye where the client reacts to the para-phenylenediamine in the dye. Estelle, a 19 year old, from France, head swelled to 3 inches overnight after dying her hair from blonde to brown ( She was treated in hospital where doctors said reactions to PPD are fairly common.

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