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Teen 'almost loses eyesight' in extreme allergic reaction to eyebrow treatment

-14-year-old received a henna eyebrow and eyelash tint which led to disastrous results.

A teenager was left with her eyes glued shut after suffering a severe allergic reaction to an eyebrow treatment ( She was rushed to hospital for urgent treatment. Cheyanne received steroids and pain medication for severe swelling and was later sent home however her condition deteriorated overnight.The teenager's throat soon began to swell up and her eyes were so swollen she couldn't see anything. Rhia took her daughter back to A&E, where she was told Cheyanne was lucky to be alive. The doctors said she could have lost her eyesight and that she could have died. She has since developed painful blisters that keep popping on her eyebrows, they are yellow and weeping and the hair has begun to fall out, with the teenager fearing it will never grow back.

The salon tried to call Cheyanne’s mum for permission but she didn’t answer so went ahead with the treatment after permission was granted by her nan.Cheyanne’s mum wants to warn fellow parents to take care when it comes to beauty treatments and make sure salons do a patch test.When visiting a salon if they do not offer a patch test DO NOT LET THEM CARRY OUT THE TREATMENT, this is negligence on their part but you will be the one suffering the consequences.

While we understand advice can be conflicting regarding patch testing, we have produced a clarity statement explaining that we believe in best practice. good to glo clarity statement: Although PPD is the main known and identified allergen in products, some manufacturers require you to patch test for other products also. Please ALWAYS follow manufacturer's instructions (please contact us if you need help guiding you to those instructions). The compliance may be conflicting to both science and knowledge but this is the current compliance in place and must be followed accordingly. As frustrating as that may feel, following these guidelines and compliance will protect your business.


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