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Protecting your client’s health

Why should we patch test? The aim of the patch test is to protect the health of your clients. Applying a colourant or tint treatment to a client sensitive to PDD can lead to discomfort, pain and in some instances hospitalisation or worse. A key tool to identify if a client is sensitive to PPD is to carry out a patch test. Although this is not 100% fool proof and in rare cases can lead to false negatives, overall along with consultation it is the best practice to significantly reduce the risk of your client having a negative reaction to a treatment - Dr Mike Stephenson, glo chief scientific officer.

Our patch testing software has got you covered. All your patch tests, stored in the most accurately scientifically backed way, as well as training around allergens and chemicals used daily in your sector.

Module 1: How to stay compliant and protect the health of your staff and your customers, Module 2: Structure of the Hair & Skin, Module 3: Hazardous Chemicals and Allergic Reactions, Module 4: Safe usage of hair dyes and tint products, Module 5: Safe eye treatments and Module 6: Safe hair treatments.

Each module comes complete with a video and VoiceOver which covers all topics in detail, and is partnered with a multiple-choice test designed to build both knowledge and confidence.

Make sure you’re legal, safe and compliant, join the #glorevolution today to activate your 1 month free trial.


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