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Patch Testing 101: Your Official Guide to Patch Testing

Patch Testing 101: Your Official Guide to Patch Testing

So, patch testing and why the sudden rise of patch testing? Technicians would often waiver or not bother patch testing at all so why the sudden change? Simply put a pandemic happened and covid saw a rise of clients suddenly experiencing new sensitivities to patch tests after contracting Covid-19 ( making it more important than ever to

  1. Patch test

  2. Adequately train those in the beauty industry around allergens and chemicals used daily

Introducing good to glo software/app for patch testing and an online course for beauty professionals.

  • Module 1: How to stay compliant and protect the health of your staff and your customers

  • Module 2: Structure of the Hair & Skin

  • Module 3: Hazardous Chemicals and Allergic Reactions

  • Module 4: Safe usage of hair dyes and tint products

  • Module 5: Safe eye treatments

  • Module 6: Safe hair treatments

Each module will come complete with a PowerPoint presentation covering topics in detail partnered with a multiple-choice test.

When visiting a salon if they do not offer a patch test DO NOT LET THEM CARRY OUT THE TREATMENT, this is negligence on their part but you will be the one suffering the consequences.

The image to the left ( shows Millie Bucknall having a brutal reaction for 8 days after receiving a brow lamination treatment that was not patch tested for. She ended up in hospital for treatment as she urged women to always get a patch test and ensure the beautician was qualified.

While we understand advice can be conflicting regarding patch testing, we have produced a clarity statement explaining that we believe in best practice.

good to glo clarity statement: Although PPD is the main known and identified allergen in products, some manufacturers require you to patch test for other products also. Please ALWAYS follow manufacturer's instructions (please contact us if you need help guiding you to those instructions). The compliance may be conflicting to both science and knowledge but this is the current compliance in place and must be followed accordingly. As frustrating as that may feel, following these guidelines and compliance will protect your business.

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