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Looking after your lash extensions - Handy tips to keep your lashes on fleeeeeek

The biggest mistake people make with lash extensions is either not washing them at all or washing them with baby shampoo (lash techs all unite and cry inside). Baby shampoo can contain things such as fragrance, artificial colours and mineral oils that over time will break down the integrity of the adhesive causing shorter retention.

Alternatively, not washing your lashes can lead to a build up of oil and you may even get lash mites (I know gross, but it’s true!). Never washing your lashes leads to a build up of oil either from your skin or the products you are putting on your face and as the oil builds up it slowly eats away at the adhesive.

Lashes should be washed daily with a foaming lash shampoo and brush, some lashes will fall out but don’t worry that's normal, those are the ones that were hanging on by a thread and if not cleaned would just be causing damage to your natural lash because it was so outgrown.

You can get lash cleansers from your local lash tech or here are a few of our faves online:

Nouveau lashes £17.99

Tatti lashes £9.95

London Lash Pro £13.99

Top tips for lash extension retention:

  1. Avoid mascara and eyeliner

  2. Use an oil free makeup remover

  3. Don't use cotton pads

  4. Use a protective product after cleansing

  5. Use a silk pillowcase


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