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Lash lift vs lash extension: your official guide to the pros and cons

Are you more au natural and prefer a lift to your natural lashes or do you like to go all out full glam Russian lashes? Here's your official guide of the pros and cons of each from a lash tech. Some people are blessed with naturally long lashes that curl upwards but if you are looking into either a lash lift or extensions it's likely you weren't so fortunate.

A lash lift essentially perms your lashes curling them upwards so that they appear fuller and longer. They are also tinted to darkened and intensify them. You might not feel the need to wear mascara with your new lash lift but mascara can be added the same way and removed the way you normally would without causing any damage to the lift. This will take around 45 minutes so can be done quickly in a lunch break. One issue with a lash lift is when it starts to grow out your lashes can start to criss-cross and become a little unruly so if you change your mind don’t expect someone to be able to apply lash extensions to them in the growing out stage. Expect to come back every 6-8 weeks.

When it comes to lash extensions these can be a little higher maintenance and you can expect to be in the chair up to 2 hours and booking in for infills fortnightly. There are three different types of lash extensions to choose from: classic, hybrid and russian. Classics are when an individual lash is placed on an isolated lash of yours for a more natural look, russians are tiny little fans of lashes placed onto the lash to create a more dramatic, volume set and hybrids are a mixture of the two. Something to think about when getting lash extensions is the health of your natural lashes and if they will be able to hold the weight of an extension. They do come in different weights which your lash tech will decide on but if too much damage has occurred to your natural lashes they may send you away with a lash serum for a couple of months.

!WARNING you may become addicted and will feel totally not yourself when you do choose not to have them anymore!


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