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Lamination: Not just for primary school displays



A non-invasive procedure involving the straigntening and lifting of the brow hairs using a chemical solution, to give supermodel-worthy brows.

When the world was thinking lamination was reserved for primary school displays, the beauty industry gave the meaning of the word a whole new beautiful lease of life.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past 18 months, you’ve likely come across the latest trend in eyebrow care and styling - brow lamination. But where did it come from, and why has it been so widely adopted the world over?

Originating from Russia, brow lamination made its way over to the UK in the second half of 2019, offering a semi-permanent alternative to microblading. Requiring less commitment, less time, less money, yet promising the same Cara Delevingne-esque results, the treatment rapidly became a popular choice for consumers across the country. In fact, online searches for ‘brow lamination’ rose so rapidly from mid-September, that it landed itself the top spot for eyebrow related search queries on Google for the year[1], and sales of the service surged 2,500% to January 2020[2].

As 2019 came to a close, the trend spread further west to the States, picking up steam as the public and celebrity make-up artists alike took to social media to share pictures of their on-fleek brows. If you’ve ever wondered how the likes of Cardi B, Lizzo, and Noah Cyrus get such effortlessly fluffy brows, maestro to the stars Rene de la Garza has shared that he achieves this perfect finish with brow lamination[3].

Whilst pretty much everything came to an abrupt halt just a few months into 2020 as COVID19 took a hold, it did nothing to slow down the lamination craze thanks to at-home products like @Sassy Saints’ DIY kit. Indeed, with people spending more time than ever on social media, the lamination trend was set alight. Who’d have thought a global pandemic would bring on the revolution in brow care our arches were so desperately waiting for?

Into 2021, and this style shows no signs of stopping. At the start of the year, ‘brow lamination’ was the most popular beauty trend on TikTok[4], and it continues to make headlines today as a leading option for people wanting natural looking, fuller, bolder brows in the era of the big brow, or simply needing a lasting solution to unruly hairs. So if you’re after brows like Zendaya, jump on the bandwagon and get yourself laminated.

What exactly does it involve?

Eyebrow lamination, ‘brow perm, or eyebrow lift, is an eyebrow shaping treatment that involves smoothing and straightening eyebrow hairs to give fuller, thicker and neater eyebrow. It uses ammonium thioglycolate.

Ammonium thioglycolate is corrosive, toxic and can cause allergic skin reactions. In its pure form it is a faint pink liquid with a repulsive skunk like odour. In the EU and UK it is limited to 8% in general use hair products and 11% in professional use hair products.

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[5] Sassy Saints, Instagram, 2021


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