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How to take good lash pictures

It’s so important to have Instagram-worthy pictures. When everything is visual, it’s very important to take very good pictures to capture your future clients to book appointments with you. Solid, outstanding portfolio work is the backbone of a strong business page. If a potential client can't see what you have to offer, they won’t book an appointment with you? Knowing how to shoot a stunning lash photo is crucial in the increasingly competitive market. Were providing the advice you need to nail that shot!

It’s all about the angles

Here we’ll go into a few different shots you can take of lashes.

Full face shot

Your model might be lying down or sitting up, mix it up. Ask your model to gaze upwards towards the camera. This are good for grid posts as well as used on stories as they will be long enough to fit in the longer rectangular frame of a story.

Closed eye from underneath shot

These will look best with a more curled lash like a D curl to really demonstrate the upward curl of a lash.

Shot of one eye shot

Close-ups are the money shots because they show off the neatness of your work. When your model is lying down and gazing straight ahead, this type of photo works best.

Before and after shots

These work best on lashes that have gone through a huge transformation and will really sell to the customer.

Tips for the what makes for a good lash shot

Tip #1 it’s all about the angles, make sure to focus on the product to showcase the beautiful lashes.

Tip #2 good lighting is key, use a ring light or a clip-on phone light or make use of natural lighting if available.

Tip #3 editing can tweak any imperfections and enhance the beautiful elements just be sure not to over-edit.

Tip #4 demonstrate all the different types of lashes you offer and explain the difference.

Tip #5 use hashtags to get seen by clients and find your niche.

Tip #6 get your clients consent to use their images on social media, they will need to sign a photographic release form.

Tip #7 mic things up and use a boomerang of the eyes opening and closing or you brushing a spoolie through the lashes.

Tip #8 share how important safety and hygiene is to you in your salon. Emphasise the importance of safety and cleanliness during the lash application process. Post a picture of your clean lash workstation or disposable application tools as an example.

Why not upskill on our online training programme around the allergens and chemicals used daily in the beauty sector. good to glo™ training is written by our in-house scientist, Dr Mike Stephenson PHD (Chemistry) of the University of Cambridge and designed to be delivered in a format that is relatable, user friendly and available to all beauty professionals in the UK. Module 5 is specifically based on safe eye treatments perfect for a lash tech:

If you patch test for lashes why not download our patch testing compliance app. good to glo™ offer a software and app-based compliance tool which will legally stores all of the necessary testing information, making it quickly and easily accessible should you or your client ever need it as evidence should the worse ever happen. Click the link for your 1 month’s free trial and join the glo revolution:

We recommend Navy Professional for hygiene in the salon. Traditional blue disinfectants are a thing of the past. Navy Hygiene welcomes the new standard of salon hygiene with a 3-step system providing a simple yet effective way to clean and disinfect tools between treatments.

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Tips inspired by @thousandlashessupplies.


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