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Patch testing software for the beauty industry...

We’ve created a software solution that will blow your mind. We reduce the risk of claims, we keep you LEGAL. SAFE. COMPLIANT.


Do you want the possibility of welcoming walk-in's without having to re-patch test? Become a good to glo salon today!

good to glo
It’s not what you know, it’s good to glo…

Things we know to be true: patch tests? Essential. Insurance compliance? A necessary yawnfest. Just got a fresh blow-dry? It's going to rain in ten minutes.


Here at good to glo™ we want you to focus on what you know and love - bossing the beauty game day and night - safe in the knowledge you’re ahead of the curve. So we’re here with industry-leading training, data management and compliance all wrapped up in one perfect portal and a classy client app. 


We’ve spent the last few years perfecting our offering, working with professionals in science and compliance (with decades of expertise), to ensure we can remove the hassle from the patch test process. This is all to keep you and your beautiful clients safe, put their data in one place and bring back some spontaneity to beautification. 


Whether you need help getting this all in order, or you’re already part of the good to glo™ family and just want to chat, we’ve got you covered. This is a community like no other, so do what Dolly says and pour yourself a cup of ambition, you’re about to level-up your business.

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